Terms & Conditions

Eggless Cake Delights General Terms and Conditions

Covid-19 T&Cs at the end of the document.

Please take a few minutes to read through the terms and conditions, as these form the basis of the contract. Further information can be provided upon request.  

These T&Cs do not in any way affect your statutory rights as a consumer. 

‘You’ means the ‘Client’ whereas ‘I’/’we’ represents ‘Eggless Cake Delights’ as a business.

1. Order Process

1.1. All Orders are subject to acceptance and availability.

1.2. It’s your responsibility to provide us with a valid email and contact number so we can contact you if necessary.

1.3. You shall be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the details provided by you during the order process. Please check carefully spellings for example of names. An order form will be sent to you once design details have been confirmed.

1.4. Orders are non-transferable unless agreed.

2. Payment Policy

2.1. Payments are via bank transfers or cash only.

2.2. Upon placing an Order you agree to secure your order with a non refundable booking fee/deposit (50%) of the order value unless agreed otherwise. Orders are not deemed confirmed and dates are not reserved until this payment is received.

2.3. Quotes are valid for 7 days however the date of order is not guaranteed until deposit is placed. In the event of time lapse between Quote and Order please ensure you have checked on the availability of your date prior to placing the deposit.

2.4. The booking fee is taken to cover for initial work undertaken on the design of your cake and administration. It also holds your date and will mean that Eggless Cake delights restricts other orders for the same date. By turning down or not advertising for further work, a cancellation by you will mean a likely loss in profit from alternative orders for me.

2.5. Payment of the Final Balance is due a minimum of 14 calendar days prior to the collection or the delivery date to allow for the preparatory work to take place and necessary arrangements to be put in place. We will not be issuing any reminders for the Final payment and it is your responsibility to ensure the payment is made on time.

2.6. Failure to complete the payment of the final balance by the due date will result in the cancellation of your order and the booking fee will not be refunded or transferred.

2.7 Cake sketches are provided only after deposit is received, cake sketches are provided for 3 tier onward cakes only.


3.1. Your Order will be delivered or shall be collected by you at the pre-arranged time and date as stipulated in the order confirmation.

3.2. If you are expecting to be late for your collection, please contact me at the earliest possible opportunity. However, I cannot guarantee I will be available to accept late collections as I may have other commitments and so you may have to rearrange another date/time mutually convenient.

3.3. The Order shall be inspected upon collection by you or your designated person collecting it. In case of any issues with the Order, please raise it at the point of collection. After collection, Eggless Cake delights shall not be responsible for any damages to the order.

3.4. We will endeavour to deliver your order at the pre-agreed date/time and location as per Order Confirmation. However, in the event of delays due to factors beyond our control (such as weather conditions/ traffic conditions/road blockages/delivery vehicle issue etc) we will immediately contact you to inform you of such delays and the expected time of arrival.

3.5. When Delivering to a venue, we will contact the venue or the contact person you have provided in the Order Confirmation to arrange a mutually convenient time for delivery. The delivery slot is typically 3-4 hours prior to the event time in order to allow reasonable time for set up at the venue, sometimes due to nature of the decorations we may decide to set up close to event time. It is your responsibility to grant/arrange for an unrestricted loading/unloading access closest to the entrance of the venue to allow a safe delivery of the order.

3.6. Upon delivery of the Order, we will take pictures and will require a responsible person nominated by you at the venue to confirm the acceptance of the order by signing the delivery form that will be shared by us on the day.


4.1 We understand that sometimes you may have some changes to request to your order. We recommend that you contact us at the soonest possible to discuss such changes. Where we have provided you with a quote and the order is yet to be confirmed, you are free to discuss and request changes and we will review the request and where applicable provide you with a revised quote. Once an Order is confirmed and deposit is placed, any further changes to the order will be subject to the following:

a) We shall review and confirm if it is possible for us to accommodate your request.

b) We shall inform you of any additional charges that are due as a result of the changes requested.

c) Any supplies that have been pre-ordered towards your order will incur a charge if the changes result in such supplies being no longer required.

d) Any changes that result in lower value of the order than previously confirmed shall not be accepted. 

Please note that our workload is considered based on the size and value of orders we receive. As a result, we are unable to accommodate

subsequent reduction in values as this results in loss of income and time.

e) Any changes that result in significant increase in the scope, size and/or the value of the order shall be accommodated subject to our capacity and availability. We shall strive our best to accommodate your needs but please be aware that in some circumstances we may be forced to reject such requests.

4.2 This contract is based upon the agreed place of delivery of your order as per the Order Confirmation. If this changes, you are to contact Eggless Cake Delights immediately whether we can accommodate the change and any additional costs related to such changes. If not, we shall delivery the order at the originally agreed address and you shall make your own arrangements for delivery at an alternate place of your choice. In the event, you are unable to accept the delivery at the address as per Order Confirmation, then it shall be deemed as cancellation of the order by you.

4.3 This contract is based on the agreed date of delivery or collection of your order.A change to the date, unless otherwise agreed with us beforehand, shall be treated as a cancellation of order by you. A change in date may incur additional costs and is subject to our availability and is therefore discretionary and not binding request.

4.4 Rough Sketch: This will be provided once we have received the deposit.


5.1. To exercise your right of cancellation you must give written notice to Eggless Cake Delights via email – info@egglesscakedelights.com providing your order reference and your email must be acknowledged by us. If you do not receive our acknowledgement response via email, you are requested to immediately contact us by phone to ensure the email has not ended up in junk box or undelivered.

5.2 You have the right to cancel the order any time up to the placement of Deposit.

5.3. Cancellations received within one week after receiving the deposit or two weeks before delivery/collection is due, whichever is earlier, will incur 20% admin charges. Any cancellation after this point will incur in losing any payments made towards the order.

5.4. BY THE CUSTOMER: If the order is cancelled by you, subject to 5.2 & 5.3 above, your deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. There will be no refund of the payments made and any and all expenses already incurred by us towards your order will be invoiced to you. This balance shall remain payable by you. This is because cancellations at short notice result in loss of time/income and loss of profits as we are not able to service any other order in the slot otherwise reserved for you.

5.5. If supplies specific to this order have not yet been purchased or they can be used for another order the cost of this will be deducted from the final balance.

5.6. If a delivery charge has been paid as a part of your order or in addition to your non-refundable deposit, then such charge shall be refunded or due back to you.

5.7. BY EGGLESS CAKE DELIGHTS: While we fully understand and uphold the significance of on-time delivery or your order and strive our 100% to do so, in the event of exceptional circumstances, such as illness or any unforeseen circumstances, we will contact you to inform if it means we are unable to fulfil your order. We will endeavour to find someone else who can produce your order to a equal standard and will refund you all monies already paid by you. However, this cannot be guaranteed. Eggless Cake Delights liabilities will be limited to the full value of order paid.


6.1. For the avoidance of all doubts, if your event is postponed this will be treated as cancellation. Eggless Cake Delights will be happy to discuss the possibility of rebooking for a new date should this be possible (only for Covid 19).


7.1 All our order contains some elements which may be non-edible, a list of non-edibles like supporting dowels, wires, supports, floral decorations etc. will be provided. It is your responsibility to ensure that these are not consumed.


8.1. Eggless Cake Delights are completely eggfree but its not an allergy free kitchen. It cannot be guaranteed that our products are free from ingredients that may affect those with food allergies. But all efforts are made to minimize the risk where requested.

8.2. At Eggless Cake Delights we recognize the seriousness of food allergies and we recommend that you contact us before you place the order to inform us of any food allergies that you or your party may have.

8.3. The following ingredients are used in our studio kitchen:

– Milk and Dairy Products

– Soya

– Nuts of all kinds

– Wheat and Gluten

– Fruits

– Sulphites

Please note that some food colourings may have an effect on behaviour in children.


9.1. Eggless Cake Delights requires a refundable deposit for the hire of cake stands and equipment. This is in addition to the agreed hire fee.

9.2 Hire Deposit shall be refunded upon a satisfactory return of the hire equipment within a maximum of 5 days from the end date of the hire.

9.3 All information regarding the Hire deposit will be stated on the invoice.

9.4 If the hired item is lost, return damaged or returned late, Eggless Cake Delights will retain your full deposit to cover the costs of such lost or damaged items.


10.1. Photographs of your order will be taken by us and used for social media. These images remain the property of Eggless Cake Delights. If you have any special consideration related to publishing of such images, such as until after the event, please notify us of such requests when confirming your order.


11.1 If for any reason you are unhappy with your order, Eggless Cake Delights request that you return the order within 48 hours of the event. We request you take pictures and any other photographic / suitable evidence to support your complaint and share with us so we can look into the issue for you.

11.2 If a refund is deemed appropriate this will be to the value of the affected tier. In any event our liability is limited to the full value of the order and payment made and we will not accept responsibility for any consequential loss(es).

Terms and Conditions: (Covid 19, valid until October 2021)

We understand that planning your wedding and celebrations during these times can be unprecedented. We want to help you in organising your wedding/event as stress free as possible, kindly read our covid 19 terms and conditions below.

Due to national lockdown or regional restrictions resulting in your event cancelled, we will try to accomodate your order request to a new date subject to availability (within 6 months). Only one change is allowed in such circumstances. If we cannot accomodate your new date, we will refund your deposit.

If the cancellation is made after your remaining balance is paid, we cannot offer a refund.

Cake Size/Serving/Design Changes:

Due to restrictions if you need to reduce your order size, it may not be eligible for delivery and set up criteria (order value £450 and above) and you will need to get your order pick up from our studio (Harrow) The price for the new order will be as per our guide price provide, please contact us for a revised quote.

We will also have to deduct all the cost incurred for all the supplies that is ordered for your first order and that cannot be used in the new revised order.

Deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances due to any loss of business arising from turning away other bookings on that date, however we can offer you a credit note to use for our products within 6 months.

For any other queries please contact:

Payal Jain (Founder and Owner of Eggless Cake Delights)

Contact 07737847405