Eggless Cupcake Baking Master Class 3 (Demo Class)

Eggless Cupcake Baking Master Class 3 (Demo Class)


Date: 22-03-2018
Day: Thursday
Time: 07:00pm-09:00pm

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Product Description

. This is a demonstration class for approximately 2 hours, it is all about baking two different types of cupcakes and how to make the delicious frosting’s to go on top of each cupcake.
. We will show you how to bake, light, soft and moist cupcakes perfectly and how to scoop them in order to fill a luscious, melted filling in them.
.Then we will show you how to make various types of light, fluffy buttercream to pipe onto your cupcakes.
.We will show you simple garnishes and syrups you can drizzle onto your delectable cupcakes.
. At the end of the class we will have a tasting and question answer session where you’ll get the chance to taste all of the gorgeous cupcakes we have prepared throughout the day and if you have any questions for us, we will try our best to answer all your queries.

Course Covers…
1: Sticky toffee
2: Strawberry cupcakes
Delicious icings to go with each type of cupcake.
We will give you the recipes in beginning, so you can follow along easily. We will also tell you about variations which you can all try at home.
This class is best for advanced bakers. We would recommend a simple Vanilla/Lime and Lemony class for beginners so that you can follow the steps comfortably, before advancing to our Cupcake Baking Master Class where you’ll learn all sorts of divine cupcakes and icings.
. Please check your dates carefully before booking a class as we are unable to offer refunds. See our Terms & Conditions for full details.